Welcome to The Red White & Blue Line Report

It was on a trip to the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto that the idea was hatched. The genesis of exclusively covering US hockey was ironically born in the Great White North. After a few beers in the heart of Toronto while debating the all-time USA team, it was decided that this website had to happen.

It’s baffling to think that outside of the official USA Hockey site, nothing exists with an intense focus on American hockey. That’s where we’ll step in. We’ll provide in-depth analysis, unabashed opinion, and down the road, insights from experts within the sport. Our goal is to bring you a side of American hockey you haven’t seen before.

Like any new enterprise, this site will evolve in time. Our goal is to become a one stop shop for anything American hockey. Our team of writers are well versed in both hockey and hops. You might not agree. We’re fine with that. This country was built upon healthy discourse.

In the meantime, enjoy my the clip that made me into the hockey monster that I am. I was born in 1980. I never saw it, but like family, it’s been with me from the beginning.

About Nate Brown

Managing Editor of The Red, White and Blue Line Report. Member of Hockey Anonymous. In recovery for the Red Wings and Olympic shortfalls of the 2002 & 2010 Gold Medal Game.
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